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Grillo`s sidste nye højteknologiske plæneklipper med bioklip samt bagudkast ( NYHED ) for bedre og pænere klipning af græsset.

FX20 er frontmonteret og udstyret med ZERO TURN, hvilket letteregører det daglige arbejde mellem træer og buske, yderligere absorberes diverse ujævnheder i terrænet, så de ikke forplantes til brugeren.

Klippeboret kan lodretstilles elektronisk for lettere vedligeholdelse, rengøring, henstilling og transport.

 Grillo FX 27


Grillo FX 27









Tekniske data:

Engine Briggs & Stratton Series 8270 
Start electric, with 12 V battery
Supply fuel
Displacement 724 cc, 2 Cylinders
Power 27 HP (20.1 kW) @ 3600 rpm
Torque 53.5 Nm @ 3600 rpm
Air cooled 
Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges .
Fuel tank capacity 30 L (2 x 15 L)
Traction 2WD
  Gearbox Hydrostatic transmission with ZT 3100 ZM Hydro-Gear built-in pump and motor.
  Clutch Electromagnetic PTO clutch
Cutting attachment Front and rotating cutting deck with 3 blades, floating cutter deck with mulching and rear discharge functions operated by lever from driver seat. Electric-operated folding system of cutting deck for easier maintenance.
  Cutting deck width 1320 mm
  Cutting width 1250 mm
  Cutting height Electrically and continuously adjustable from 30 to 85 mm
Front tyres 20x10-8 Turf
  Rear tyre 15x6-6 Turf
  Steering system Through levers, with height and lengthwise adjustment.
  Speed Continuously variable from 0 to 12 km/h and from 0 to 6 km/h in reverse
  inner turning radius Zero Turn
  Seat Comfort seat with armrests and lengthwise adjustment, fitted on support with springs. Tipping system operated by gas spring.
  Parking brake Built-in in the hydrostatic transmission. Automatically operated when opening the steering control levers.
Mowing capacity per hour (indicative) 13000 m^2/h
  Accessories in series Tow hook and anti-lift system to improve the machine's stability on slopes
Length 2580 mm with cutter deck
  Width 1120 mm without cutter deck - 1320 mm with cutter deck
Weight 440 kg with cutter deck


to be applied on FX20 - FX27
item no.: 9B5212
weight: 30 kg

The machine can be equipped with a rear double axle for two wheels. By this means it is possible to load the machine onto a transport vehicle by using two loading racks instead of three.
The kit includes the mechanical arm which sustains the wheels and the second rear wheel.  


Pneumatic tractor wheels 21x11.00-8 (Pair)

Pair pneumatic "Tractor" wheels 21X11.00-8 - COD. 918212
to be applied on FX20 - FX27
item no.: 918212
weight: 21 kg

Tractor wheels mounted on the FX20 are useful in rustic areas with slopes in order to obtain a stronger grip. 


Hydraulically orientable front blade 125 cm

Hydraulically orientable snow blade 125 cm - COD. 9G2211
to be applied on FX20 - FX27
item no.: 9G2211
weight: 100 kg

The Grillo FX's agility combined with the snow front blade makes it possible to rapidly free squares and avenues from snow during the winter season. It is further possible to use the blade for the removal of stone piles or sandheaps.
By means of a hydraulically assisted command you can control the blade's high and inclination of + / - 30°.
The rubber end helps avoiding damages on stone pavings and streets.
The snow blade can be mounted rapidly thanks to its two points' connection.


Snow chains for 20x10.00-8 wheels (pair)

to be applied on FX20 - FX27
item no.: 973722
weight: 2 kg


to be applied on FX27
item no.: 9B2511
weight: 19 kg

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